Guitars and Equipment Stolen From Honeymoon Suite.

Fort Erie Ontario,

A brazen robbery took place for Honeymoon Suite’s Johnnie Dee and Derry Grehan.  Two signature guitars belonging to Johnnie, a custom foot pedal belonging to Derry and various other gear were stolen out of Johnnie’s truck sometime between August 15, and August 16.

Johnnie is offering clemency to the thieves to return the band’s gear 20819761_2015189962047990_1893994049085203160_o (1)

Johnnie’s guitar a fender telecaster with a hard plastic case with Honeymoon Suite on the outside and orange tape.

Among the items stolen were  Johnnie’s signature guitars a fender telecaster and a squire telecaster, and Derry’s foot pedals.  As well as various cables and other things.

Johnnie’s post has been shared more than 2000 times since he posted the photo of his guitar.  He has requested that the thief/thieves return everything that was stolen to Mike’s Variety Store at Crystal Beach and there won’t be any hard feelings or police involvement.

I’ve got to ask how do some people sleep at night knowing that they took off with about $1000 worth of guitars and equipment that doesn’t belong them?

To the thieves, I say this: You’re lucky you stole Johnnie and Derry’s work tools under cover of darkness because if I knew who you were I would beat the living s**t out of you for doing that to them.

Sergio Tattoo

Hi everybody,

So this is what I’m working on for a tattoo and I need to know everybody’s opinions for a first tattoo.  I want it on my back.  If I get to see the boys again I’m going to try to get him to tag his name inside the heart.  🙂  I really want to have this done and make sure that Sergio knows how much I like him.  🙂

I’m worried that if I get Sergio’s name and images tattooed on my back then I might regret it later so we’ll see.


Platinum Blonde The Band That I Love.

Well, it’s been forever since I first put this blog up and now I feel ready to write about my Platinum Blonde experience.

I feel like Platinum Blonde came into my life for a reason and that’s to keep their fans loyal.  Since I went to see them last year at the Markham Theatre I’ve been more than feverish to see them again.  Oh yes Platinum Blonde isn’t a band that you just see once and say

Me posing in front of Sergio Galli Platinum Blonde’s guitar player

“oh well I saw them now I’m just going to forget about them and see someone else.”
I was impressed when the band came out on the stage and started their performance.


At 39 years old at the time I knew that they would be happy to see me at a show and I was right.  🙂

I got a notice from a friend saying that drummer Dan Todd had told her that he was glad that I finally came.

I only wish that I had stayed for the MNG, or Meet N Greet, because my mother was afraid that I would get too tired.

Now with the URG Music Fest coming up in a week I still have to obtain my tickets.

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