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Platinum Blonde The Band That I Love.

Well, it’s been forever since I first put this blog up and now I feel ready to write about my Platinum Blonde experience.

I feel like Platinum Blonde came into my life for a reason and that’s to keep their fans loyal.  Since I went to see them last year at the Markham Theatre I’ve been more than feverish to see them again.  Oh yes Platinum Blonde isn’t a band that you just see once and say

Me posing in front of Sergio Galli Platinum Blonde’s guitar player

“oh well I saw them now I’m just going to forget about them and see someone else.”
I was impressed when the band came out on the stage and started their performance.


At 39 years old at the time I knew that they would be happy to see me at a show and I was right.  🙂

I got a notice from a friend saying that drummer Dan Todd had told her that he was glad that I finally came.

I only wish that I had stayed for the MNG, or Meet N Greet, because my mother was afraid that I would get too tired.

Now with the URG Music Fest coming up in a week I still have to obtain my tickets.


My Four Favourite Platinum Blonde Songs

4.  Future Dance: Now & Never 2012

3.  Doesn’t Really Matter: Standing In The Dark 1984

2.  Contact: Contact 1987

1.  Somebody, Somewhere: Alien Shores 19850

There are some other Platinum Blonde songs that I like but I’ll save that for another post.  But those are my 4 favourite Platinum Blonde songs in order.